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A personable and welcoming designer that loves working with varying constraints and challenges to consistently fulfills clients’ needs.

I am from Southern New Hampshire and grew up in a large family. I enjoy staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Additionally, I love sharing a good laugh with friends in my free time! I look forward to sharing my passion for design with others and making a positive impact on those around me. 


I’ve always loved to envision and design spaces. Early on in my high school career I knew Interior Design was what I wanted to do the rest of my life. This decision affected the courses I chose to take and the contacts I made. My first real experience was with J.Ellen Design from Manchester, NH. I was an intern there for 6 months before committing to Liberty University to continue my vocational studies. During the Fall semester of year, I completed an internship at Katrina & Co. in Lynchburg, VA which allowed me to continue gaining valuable knowledge regarding interior design. I graduated in May 2022 with my Bachelor of Science degree in interior design. My New England roots led me back to the southern New Hampshire region to pursue design services in the area.

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