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For this project, we had to take a 1927 home and renovate it for a young couple using AutoCAD. The goal of this project was to develop our digital drafting skills to prepare us for our future careers. The first step was recreating the existing home and floorplan as it originally was and then from there creating layers and putting all of our designs on neat documents. Moreover, the first assignment was the demolition plan and from there, the new construction plan, furniture plan, elevations, and then finally details.


This project required creative thinking and skill to create a new floor plan for an existing home built in 1927. There were limitations to the project which were restrictions on what we could take out and add to the house. We could not add any additional square footage to the house nor could we mess with any wall or object that assisted to the structural integrity of the house. Using AutoCAD, we were required to create the entire original floorplan and then make any desired changes to the floorplan by adding them to the demolition layer. Once all the changes were indicated using dashed lines, the plan was added to a sheet and made into a construction document, as seen below.

wix demo 243_edited.jpg


After creating the demolition plan, it was time to put all the new construction ideas into AutoCAD. We were instructed to include new cabinetry, taking into account the work triangle, making the space fully functional. Additionlly, we constructed new windows and doors if they were chosen to be demoed in the previous assignment. This whole plan was put on a sheet and made a construction document.

wix construction 243.jpg


This was a joint assignment with the New Construction plan. For this construction sheet, all of the furniture plans we envisioned were put onto a new layer in AutoCAD and isolated to create the sheet below.

WIX furniture plan 243.jpg


Below is the Elevations assignment. For this part of the project we had to create two elevations for the new cabinetry installed in the kitchen. Using a variety of line weights we wanted to be able to accurately show depth and create visual interest in the drawing. Both elevations were added to a sheet and scaled to create the document.

wix kitchen elevation.jpg


These are two base cabinet details. Both are tagged on the new construction document and show the inside of each cabinet. Using at least three line weights, we were instructed to accurately show each cabinet making them in scale. Moreover, showing dimensions and notes using dimension and leader lines.

wix lower cabinet.jpg
wix lower cabinet 2.jpg


This assignment had the same criteria as the base cabinet detail assignment, only this time we were doing an upper cabinet.

wix lower cabinet 2.jpg


Below is a wall-type detail. We were instructed to pick a wall on the new construction plan and create a detail of it using varied line weights. It also needed to be done to scale. After noting and finalizing the detail in the model space, it was added to a sheet, creating a neat construction document.

wix wall detail.jpg
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